Found my old diary

I can’t believe that I had it all these years. Some of the things I guess have shaped me who I am today. So you sit down and you write in your diary as a child ,do you ever come across it years later. And what has changed your views , sweet hearts do you view your parents and other relationships different ?

Things that I forgot I can look at so usually different now. I was so co dependent back then And comes out every now and then.

Your memories that are memories of memories and they’re so easily changed until you actually read what you wrote back then.

So now if I have to put that information all in a new perspective . It is challenging. I can see that I grew up in a dysfunctional family.

But the best part it is that we can shave our outlook. We can make ourselves better. We can also grow it from this.

The name I called it was failure at 15 . Imagine that lol I felt confused at that age with boys , friends, school. It felt like forever that I would never grow to be an adult.

Since this is my first story I will share more that I wrote in my diary. But for now I just had to share that.


Total eclipse of the sun 2017 . My place Tennessee

Total eclipse of the sun 2017

I’m looking forward to this eclipse as it will be a hundred percent and we all know that it will be dark for a little bit. This is up there with the top 10 amazing things in the world this would be number 1 I’ve Been Told by eclipse chasers and they do follow them all over the world and this one’s going right through the United States and I am in Tennessee Ducktown and it’s going right through us. It’s a very small town here I moved here from Philadelphia 15 years ago and if

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